Does she want to go on a date?

So my girlfriend and I broke up a couple months ago, we had a strong relationship and treated each other very well, but she wanted some time away just to make sure she truly loved me. So, as much as it hurt, I agreed to it. So we stopped contacting each other, and I just started to hang out with other friends, anything to get my mind off of her. She did the same, neither of us went on a date with anyone else. However, recently she has started contacting me and when I see her she keeps gently touching my forearm. We aren't to the "dating again" point yet, but do you guys think that is what she is interested in?


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  • You should totally take a risk and ask her out again. Girls are like that, if she started 'asking' for attention then give her that attention. It would be a nice thing for you to take her out because as you said you guys really loved each other and love doesn't just stop like that. I am definitely sure that you should ask her on a one simple date. Start from where you stop at that wonderful relationship :).


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  • Well the whole"she needed time away" is complete BS! A girl in love would be insane to say that.

    Here's the thing dude...because she was the one who broke up...she MUST be the one to ask you out on a date, and or ask to start dating again. You owe her nothing. If I were you..she would have to beg to get back with me. You're being too nice IMO. I would NEVER get back with a chick who wanted to break up.

    Also, people who have "strong relationships" and "treat each other very well" don't want time away.

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