Love interest is sending mixed signals?

We met online and we hit it off great! We immediately started talking. We'd call and it never got too awkward and then we started skyping and it was even better! Every night he'd want to Skype. Well I invited him to my local fair, and we met up and had a pretty good time even though we both didn't have any money. At the end of the night we sat on a hill at a park and watched the sun set. And then laid out under the stars. Well we ended up making out and it got pretty heated, but we both had to go home so he drove me home. And with a hug he said "text me! Don't be a stranger!"

Immediately afterward, he texted me and we continued texting for 2 days. On Sunday, I started to think his texts were getting short with less smileys and he would just not reply. So I stopped texting him, thinking he just lost interest.

Well we both end up going to the same rock concert on Sat (me with my friend, him with his friends). Me, thinking whatever we had was done was mad at him and never looked at him...or at least had him catch me looking at him. We would pass each other a lot and we even ended up back to back in a mosh pit and then he disappeared when I looked back again.

At one point during the concert, I was rubbing my neck cause it REALLY hurt (had 4 people land on it) while walking to the other stage when we passed each other again. Only he was just flat out staring at me with a very concerned look.

At the end of the concert, he pushed through the mosh pit and was all "HEYY!" and hugged me and we talked a little. And then he stood behind me, separating me from the mosh pit circle. And he even tried protecting my friend too. Well my friend left and he just stayed behind or next to me. At one point a couple of guys just pushed me away from him and all he did was put a VERY GENTLE hand on my waist and guided me back to in front of him and patted my waist and then immediately dropped his hand. He would barely touch me, just a tap on the shoulder if he wanted to talk.

Well the concert ended and he hugged me saying he had to find his friends and VERY pointedly said "Text me." And immediately after the concert he texted me and was very talkative. And now, 2 days after the texting in OK, sometimes he just doesn't reply.

So I'm confused as to what he's thinking! Does he still like me?! I really REALLY like this guy! PLEASE HELP ME!


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  • playing hard to get? just tell hiim that's it's confusing you.