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So, I have this woman who I've been loving for years. We Haven't seen each other for more than 7 years and 3 months ago we started to see each other despite she had a boyfriend. After a while she decided to cut the contact with me since she felt guilty for dumping her boyfriend, and I stepped back in respect her decision. A week ago I texted her, and she responded. She told me she left him. I waited a week, then texted her again. She had a positive response, and yesterday I sent a simple bouquet of flowers with a message "I just wanted to make you smile".

She apparently opened the door and it seemed to make a miracle as she contacted me right after and we talked for like 2 hours on Facebook. I don't want to overreact out of my happiness, that'd be illusioning myself. But I am confused with how to act. She seemed incredibly happy and even shared that flower on FB, mentioning me as a "beautiful person who made her day amazing".

I told her I was gonna make her oilpainting portrait on a canvas since we both studied art, she has an understanding and respection towards it.

Now, should I keep my slow and friendly approach? Does she expect anything at all? My brain stopped here. Need to sit back and relax. Too excited.



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  • Nice move, the bouquet of flowers seems to have reignited her feelings for you. The reception that she gave you is indicative of reciprocated interest. Now that you have her attention, it is absolutely imperative that you tone down the gift giving, at least until you are sure of her intent.

    In my opinion, gift giving is rarely a factor in a woman's decision to date a guy (which includes her guy friends and exes). I'm sure there are many guys out there that can attest to this, as they have given their time, effort, and recourses to win a woman's favor, only to find out later she is really not that into them.

    On that note, for the sake of clarity, I suggest that you express to her your interest in dating her, as soon as possible. You will sleep better knowing that you are both on the same page and your efforts will not be in vain.

    To answer the subject at hand, your question. Yes, take things slow with her, and of course, be friendly(as a potential boyfriend would be). Be decisive and creative, and make sure you insert overt flirtations in your interactions with her. You should then be good to go.

    Good Luck,


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  • I'm just curious, you 've been in love with her for years but didnot get involved with anybody else? or have you tried to get involved and it didnot work?

    • Actually years ago we dated but it didn't work out due to distance. Now we are in the same city, so I believe it WILL work if we get into it. Meanwhile all those years I had other relationships, one particularly which would end with a marriage. But she was the only one sitting in the throne of my heart all these years.

    • WOW, I wish I understand how guys function, I only have a crush on someone, and can't figure a way to move on. I hope your not giving up the marriage girl for this, because they may both not work out. good luck.

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  • sounds good at the moment, I would continue with the lovely gestures, and slowly(when your ready) take it up a notch into romantic ones, with cards that are romantic (research a little on the net for what to say), and go with the flow, as long as she's ready for you, ask her out on dates and start the relationship!

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