How do you chose to go on a 2nd date?

Long story short me and this girl met at a party and I got her number and I took her out on a date. We kissed, flirted a lot, held hands, and talked about everything under the sun.

While I was taking her back home out of nowhere she says, "you made my day better." Personally I thought the date was a success. She had a family reunion to go to the next day and I texted her to have a good time and to text me later. Which she just texted me the whole time she was at the family reunion.

So I ask her on another date and she agrees but when the time comes around she blows me off and now she isn't responding to texts.

I am not worried about seeing her again I really don't care. I just want to know.

What makes you decide if you want to go on a 2nd date? Without me askin she says she had a good time and she was really receptive to everything! So what makes a girl decide if she wants to go on a 2nd date or not? Do you girls just get lazy or something? Or do you pretend to be into a guy on a date? I'm so confused.


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  • First, you came on too strong. Kissing should have been held off until date 2. Holding hands not until she's your girlfriend. You went way too fast. Likely lowered her interest in you. You became too interested, and too avaiable. You gave her just about everything during the first date. You didn't end the date with her wanting more. You were not a challenge. I could go on and on. You must understand that the little mistakes you make...add up to big mistakes, and many times make the difference as to whether she wants a 2nd date or not. Stop the silly texting. You got off easy on this one. Just another lesson in women. Things aren't always as they seem.

    • Wow! I never thought of that. Well damn chalk that up on the board for another loss. LOL I will have to surely remember this lesson.

    • Ha ha..good luck.

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