4 dates seems she is not interested

after 4 dates I have gotten her flowers she liked them I surprised her and sent her candy in the mail. After all this she still don't text me, or say what's up. She wouldn't think to ask me to go out with her fellow workers or stuff like that. She will tell me when I can kiss her. I have kissed her cheek many times, which she likes haha. I don't know what else I can do to get her interested? She says not ready for meeting her co workers /friends just yet. She did just move here for a job. I know she is very busy. But will all my effort pay off lol? Maybe its only been 4 dates, over a 1.5 months time. And its too soon?


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  • Aww trust me what you're doing is really sweet, and a genuinely lovely girl, that likes you will really appreciate it. It does sound a little bit like she is keeping you at a distance. This may be because she isn't really interested or she just wants to take it slowly and isn't ready yet. Maybe she has been hurt in the past. I would give it a little more time. Don't smother her too much, because she may feel a bit pressurised and then run off. Make sure she can see you have other things to do like go out with your friends and hobbies. I wouldn't text her for a little while and wait for her to come to you. You deserve just as a good a treatment as you are giving her.

    Just a little more time, I know it is hard when you like someone. If she doesn't text you, you will know that she wasn't interested, and if she does, it means she definitely likes you and has been thinking about you.

    Hope it works out for you, whatever the case though, DON'T EVER STOP being a gentlemen. There are very few around these days.



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  • That's so sweet! Try giving her some space though, less gifts for a while, don't ask her out too often',leave some space between dates.im not sure, dating for older people is different than dating for my age group. I've never been on a real date or been given flowers haha.

    • She workes sun to th one to 10 pm. When I ask her to see her after work tells me too tired . So I might be fffed lol. I can only see her once a week and kinda blows

    • I see, that's a good start for dating in the beginning!

  • Id quit it with all the gifts for now until you know for sure she is interested. You have on been on 4 dates. That is not near enough time for anyone (except insecure people) to even think about how they feel about one another. You need to get to know her better and get to know her life.

    Id say she ies interested because she contimues to date you. I certainly wouldn't go on 4 dates with a guy I didn't think had potential.

    Shes either playing hard to get, or want to go really slow with this. I say keep on taking her out and if she continues to date you she is interested. But all the candy and flowers in the world isn't going to make her love you. That will take time.


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  • She's just not interested. Give it a rest. You need to back the f*ck off.

  • Understand this: when a woman likes you, you don't need to do any of that to draw her attention. You can't make people love you. You already expressed your feelings, now it's her turn.

  • Dude! I just clawed my eyes out reading this! Who lied to you about how to raise a womans interest!? GRRRRRRRR!

    STOP the gifts...Stop stop stop! She will tell you when you can kiss her? Ughh! You're being led around like a puppy.

    Start being a man...and she'll show more interest!

    You need to slow your thougts...just quit thinking for a while. Girl want a guy who is a challenge...this is what makes them get all hot and bothered over you. You are not being an Alpha male. This does not mean be a jerk...but right now..you're just a push over...who is her servant!

    • Dude...if she seems less interested after 4 dates, than she was after the first date...then you're done...and its over.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

      I couldn't have said it better myself.

    • Thanks WizeGuy...some people just need to hear the truth before they will SNAP out of it!