I met this girl who is Muslim. What is it like to date her? The ups and downs...

She is from saudi arabia. I know they have all this culture. Not like ours. What do I need to know about dating her? Also ss she going to be Muslim. Are all girls Muslim?


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  • I can't make any sense of your question. Are all girls Muslim huh? If she is Muslim then most of them can only date other Muslims!

    • Well Muslim is a forced religion. Dosnt mean she can't change. I don't understand that she can only date Muslims since she follows me around like a puppy dog wanting sex and a American man. I've met other Muslim girls @ the same apartment and are so open and on me to. They know I'm a American. So they must want sex right?

    • I have no idea what they want. But if they are strict Muslims then there's no chance of them going out with anyone other then Muslims. If they are not strict Muslims then maybe. You will have to ask them!

    • Ok thanks... It's all confusing but man she so hot... Bye..

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  • Pros:

    She walks behind you


    She may blow you up