Dating a single mom...

So... When things get serious she pushes me away...

Now, its I can only see them on weekends..

And I want commitment and I'm getting sick of

feeling like the when needed or wanted.

She talks about scedual. And how I effect it.

I can understand where it is she is coming from..

But I can't have just my life with them...

If that makes sense.. A guy with no kid and friends to a family man for a day or two a week. Makes me miss her son. And her..

It sucks not being with them. But it sucks because when I'm with them I'm not... I donno what to do anymore.. Wait it out..

Start texting or seeing her less.. Lately I've just been fixing her car sink and cat sitting... Makes me wonder if she's just using me..

A little voice in my head... Blah... Blah... ARRRGH :0


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  • How long have you been seeing her? I'm gonna guess that you are moving too fast. I suspect she's being cautious and wants to move very slowly, or maybe she doesn't want a committed relationship at all. I'd give her space and lots of time. She might not know herself what she wants.

    What happened to the father of her kids? How long ago did they split? It's possible she's not over him. It's possible she doesn't want to make the same mistake twice so she's being extra careful. Is the kid's father in their life?

  • Cat sitting!? how mischievous is this cat lol...But seriously, So she's OK with you fixing her stuff huh. She ever ask you to watch her kids maybe drop them off at school? Do you feel she uses your feelings for the kids to punish you, get you to do things? Sounds like she's using you man sorry. Curious, did she have kids really, really young?

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