Can amazing sex overshadow the rest of the relationship?

I'm dating someone I've reconnected with since years ago. We've seen each other three times and the chemistry is way too hot to ignore. The sex is mind-blowing, but there's also so much sweetness and compatibility between us in all the other moments. We've talked about our dreams and hopes and we've snuggled on the couch, listened to music together, stared out at the sky together, etc. all that good, fluffy stuff . . . but I can't go without screwing his brains out every time I see him.

I told him that I don't want to be taken for just a hook-up and he says that's not the case, but I wonder if anyone's ever dated someone and the sex was so hot that it became all about that? Or should I just shut up and enjoy the ride?


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  • well, now your lusting over him, its going to mentally bad for you I guess, for you to be only concentrating on the sexual intimacy between you two. in the long run, if you are thinking that far, I would say to think about whether you want to spend more time with the guy, since it sounds like you have pretty awesome stuff going on between the two of you (not talking about the mind blowing sex). sex should just be an add-on to the relationship dynamic, not the whole reason to be in the relationship, you can still enjoy the sex, but you shouldn't make it your priority in the relationship of you two.

    • for sure the other stuff is a priority. No question about that. I hope it's the case for him too. Do you think there's any way to find out?

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    • i know its going to be hard, when I'm with my girlfriend I can't seem to keep my hands off her either, its just the intimacy that makes it just that good. I think you would know he has shown you when you can feel that, hey! even though we aren't having sex anymore for a while, he still loves spending time with be and is still respectable to me. its a matter of your own personal opinion on these matters.

    • well, there is such thing as good sex that takes all the other stuff away, but that probably means that there is some problem in the relationship that only makes the sex the priority in it.

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  • Absolutely! Most people fall in sex...and think they've fallen in love. Very common today with all these fools trying to play house by shacking up before marriage. For this reason...those who live together before getting married have a 85% higher chance of getting. Basically sex makes issues, and red flags not seem like a big deal. Us guys will over look a massive amount of things if we're getting sex.


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  • Well if the sex is good- enjoy it.

    You can have a relationship based on sexual encounters but I doubt if you could have a relationship with someone without satisfactory intimate contacts.

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