Dates on a budget??

So lately I have been on a budget, and i’m definitely not use to that. I’m extremely spoiled and use to blowing as much money as I like, since i’ve been on a budget my guy has been paying for our outtings. He doesn’t mind at least he says he doesn’t but I want to contribute as well. Our town is small as f***, and the city is an hour away. ((new orleans)) We need to do more bonding things in order to make this relationship work. Normally when we get home were both tired and it’s late, we usually end up cuddling to a movie and or just chillin with my family or his. so to do something during the day or evening we have to plan in advanced, Just sayin. What are some date ideas we can do for cheep?


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  • Ugh why do people have such a problem with this?! It's so damn easy!

    1.Check out museums which are sometimes free or cheap.

    2.Find out local shows that are going on. Usually local shows are cheap because they are up and coming artists.

    3. Go to the beach if you have one.

    4. Have a picnic/bike ride/walk through the park.

    5.Go to the store buy a kite and go fly it.

    6.Go fishing if you are into fishing.

    7.Rent a kayak and going kayaking.

    8.Take a random drive. Pick a direction and just stick with that direction for like an hour and see where it takes you.

    9.Go play billiards or bowling.

    10. Go into the city and see what they have going on.

    11.Get some friends together and play ultimate frisbee.

    12. Get some balloons and have a water balloon fight.

    13. Find something you can both make together that is relatively cheap.

    14.Find a historic center or a nature center in the area and go see it.

    15.How about the zoo? The zoo by me is free on Mondays...maybe that's how it is for you too?

    16. Go karaoke

    17. Go to a guitar center and try and play some instruments together.

    18. Make a scavenger hunt for each other

    19. Find a music beat on YouTube and try to come up with lyrics.

    20. Go buy some air soft guns and shoot at each other around the house!

    21. You live in a small town if you have some land camp in the woods have a fire and just hangout.

    22. If you have guns or bb guns go set up targets and shoot them.

    23. Go and find your couples spot. Where you can both go when you want to get away.

    24. Go to the store and buy some random food/candy and try it together.

    25. Try cooking together.

    26. Look up simple science experiments you can do together.

    The sky is the limit! Have fun.

    • I'll take best answer too! Thanks ;)

    • lol cocky much? Ehh the zoo is like 20 a person by me plus parking. Only thing is the city wear all that is , is 30 min if I drive or 45 if he drives. away from us. We live in the suburbs lol. But thanks imma try a few.

    • Not cocky just confident. I mean I did give you the most things to do without simply posting a link. :P That sucks the zoo for me is free and parking is free too!

  • spend the night inside watching movies you already own and having lots of sex. Sounds like a great free date to me!

  • I really don't think that he minds because he knows that if you were not budgeting you can handle things yourself. A good guy likes nothing more than to feel like he's taking care of his lady so let him. He knows you would do the same for him. My lady and I was in the same boat. She was in college so she was BROKE. It didn't bother me because she was taking care of business getting that degree. When she paid for dates they were simple dates. She was getting a stipend so it wasn't much. She would arrange for us to private tours around Savannah which is the city were living in. I really like the tours. We had horse and carriage, trolley, and ferry tours all cheap but exclusive and very romantic. She would buy discounted tickets to bands in our area, we also had a local paper that listed free events going.

    • I just know he works hard for his money and doesn’t like too waste any, he always has worked hard. And i’ve always been given everything I ever wanted. It use to bug him , so I don't know I guess I just don’t want him to think I expect it. Even though we have talked about it before. ya know?

    • I understand what you're saying and I still don't think he minds, especially if yall have talked about it and you've explained your concern about the money issue to him. You say it used to bug him so I would assume he's not afraid to voice his opinion. if you're still concerned check the internet for free events in areas near yall and go check them out. The only money being spent is gas and maybe some grub, yall can go half on that. One person pay to go and the other pay for the trip back home.

  • Try going out with no plans and just see where you two end up. Some of the stuff I've done with my girl on nights like that ended up being the best dates we've been on. We've gone fishing at midnight or rode the motorcycle out to the middle of nowhere and found a small bridge over a creek and sat there throwing rocks in the water and looking at the stars. You may end up playing mini golf or sitting in a small bar watching a live band. We ended up at a beach around 2am one night and just sat in the sand watching the waves crash and a storm roll in. Its nights like that which makes the best memories and don't cost a lot of money to do.

    • thanks. Imma try that again. he’s use to having the girl make plans in a relationship and i’m use to a guy making plans in the relationship. So when we tried that last it was us just driving around town aaking well what do you wanna do . lol.

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    • but their so fun so they make up for it. lol.

    • This is very true. Y'all should just go halfsies on a tank of gas and go get that thing dirty. that's always a good time lol.

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  • link

    Best website for suggestions I have found. :)

  • What about something outdoors like a hike or nature walk, going to a lake or beach.

    • I’m alergic to every type of tree and grass so Nature stuff is a no no unless i’m dosed up in bendrill. lol The beach is only 30 min from my house and 50 from his but he doesn’t like the sand so lol I don't know bout that.