Do guys ever just need 'space' when they first start dating you?

When you first start dating a guy, does he ever genuinely need a bit of time or 'space' and will hanging back and not texting do any good? Or, if he's actually interested will he maintain showing his interest?


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  • i suppose there cna be an adjustment period for people when you first start dating of sort of orienting yourself into going from complete independence to a relationship; however, in the beginning of my relationships I almost feel like I want to spend every moment getting to know them, and being away just feels like I'm missing out on the opporunity. So I'd conclude that needing space early in a relationship is a bad sign.

    i think if a guy is truly interesting particularly in the beginning they will show that unless he really has some serious life issues going on the need for space early in a relationship seems like a bad sign

  • Guys need space at many times.


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