Is this too much of a birthday gift for my FWB?

A few months ago, I started was set up on a blind date with one of my cousins friends. The blind date went great and me and my date actually hit it off. We dated for a few weeks before he told me that I was great and that he really liked me but that he wasn't ready for a relationship. He said that during the weeks we had been dating, he realize he wasn't over his ex and wasn't ready to jump into a new relationship. Because we have such a great time together, we agreed to be friends with occasional benefits.

It's six months later and we still text each other everyday and we hang out at least twice a month. Sometimes when we talk or go out and we act like a couple and other times just like two good friends. We've touched the subject of "us" a few times but it ends in the same way, he's not ready for a relationship. His birthday is right around the corner and I want to get him an awesome birthday present. He's a huge baseball fan so I wanted to get him a customized jersey or jacket for his birthday.

Is this too much of a present for someone who is just my FWB?

As a guy, would he think its too much?


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  • If you know he absolutely does not want to be in an exclusive relationship with you at this time, he might think a gift like that is more extravagant than what he'd preferred to receive from you, especially he knows you really couldn't afford it. It's not the cost of the gift that's most important. It's the thought behind it. That means a less expensive gift might do as well. It also could mean you really do enjoy your FWB arrangement and want to expresses that feeling to him by giving him something you know he'll really like. Never try to impress with money when something simpler would work just as well. Regardless of what you get him, make sure to write an appropriate note so he knows how you want him to take it. I'd say just go and buy that jersey or jacket if you can easily afford it but don't make a hoopla about it. Just write him that note expressing your true feelings. Everything else will take care of itself. I'm sure it won't hurt what you now have going, and it could help getting closer if deep down you both are open to that. GOOD LUCK!

    • Thanks so much for your insight and advise :)

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