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a guy I dated for a short time (we did not end good) his friend who I never met mentioned he was going to be in town and we nonchalantly chatted-and I joked about his friend I no longer was dating or talked to-he mentioned me hanging w him and his bud (not the guy I dated) and I said I don't think (the guy I dated) will appreciate that-it's shady-he said no it isn't I already asked him and he doesn't care-A. did he really ask his friend and he really not care (a lot of guys would not be OK w it even if they have moved on) B I messaged the guy I dated saying your friend invited me to hang outb said you wouldn't mind-i wanted to ask you since I figured you hated me...he read the message and never responded...what do you think it is?


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  • Your ex probably thought you were just taunting him by telling him about your chat with his friend.

    I'm sure he doesn't like his friend hitting on you, but it's not his business, and he knows that.

    It's silly to ask an ex for his opinion about your behavior! He's going to be angry that you asked him!

    • why angry? I thought that was the rt thing to do

    • He doesn't WANT to know that flitration is going on. He'd rather be in the dark..!

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