What would you do if you don't feel like talking to your ex?

My ex is trying to reach me for 3 days now and she is even trying to reach me at work. First she tried with her number showing now she keeps calling with a private number.

One month ago I went out with my ex as friends and the next day me and her would go somewhere with her parents and that would be a surprise for me. But that night something happened but I have no clue what that would have been. She told me her father did not want me to go and the reason was that I went home early (0:30 am.. they knew I had to work the next day) and I never heard anything from her one month later.

She also send me text messages that show that her father has to undergo surgery and that he wants to talk with me about it and that he was wrong and wants to make an apology. Also that she is sorry what happened between us. And ofcourse if I would pick up the phone.

Now I personally don't want to answer the phone. Or even go there to talk about things. I've been denied to know what I really might have done wrong that night that I don't really feel like talking about it all of a sudden.

I do think I have to something but I really don't know what to do.


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  • Are you still into your ex? Do you want to be with her or not? Do you have a personal relationship with her father outside of her? Do you care about what happens to him?

    Once you can answer these questions then you'll know what to do.

  • Lol then don't talk to her then. You have to act according to your feelings and if you don't think this is the right time, fine. It's not as if you're obligated to. You have your reasons and should leave at that. Maybe at some point down the road you might feel more comfortable with doing it, hell you might even decide to never speak to her again, which is understandable on your part. I'm still confused as to why and how she became your ex though, because you left at o clock in the morning for work and her father wasn't okay with it? Regardless of the reasons, if pretty serious you have a validated reason not to speak to her.


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