Do you think people on online dating are less successful than getting an unexpected relationship off line?

People say all kinds of things like people who go searching for love don't get it but when people don't try to find love than it comes unexpectedly. In my experience with online dating I had a relationship but it wasn't a good one. What do you think is true, waiting for love to come is better or finding it yourself?


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  • I believe in finding it for your self, but not through online dating. I have known people who find love and got married, but a lot of people on those sites are looking for a quick hook up. Regardless of what their profile say. I even tested my theory and made a "joke" account. I made her seem like a horrible, broken down person. To my surprise she got a lot of hits. Over 20! Also another problem I have with dating site you never know who your really talking to it could be 50 year old man named Joe Smoe who live still live in his mama basement working at burger king. Posing to be a successful young CEO of a wealthy business living in a muti-million dollar penthouse. Or what if they have a horrible criminal record with intentions to hurt someone.

    Waiting for love is pointless if your not trying to find "the one" then how do you expect for him/her to find you?