Should I be bothered that my boyfriend hasn't contacted me?

He's been out of town since last weekend, went for some vacations with his coworkers. He said in the mountains there might not be reception but when he would get there he was going to text me to let me know he got there. I told him it was okay because he needed his vacations away from the city and everything from it, but he still said he was going to text me when he got there.

Yesterday I checked his FB and he has been 'checking in' in and posting pics.

And I know what I said, but I don't know, I'm not sure if I should be bothered by this. It does feel kind of weird.


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  • does he typically go on vacations with co-workers?

    • This is the secod time, last year he did too.

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    • I know he has service because like I mentioned, he has put up photos and check ins in his FB.

      But I'll just let it be and see what happens.

    • sorry misread, I thought you said he wasn't checking in. I think you should def be bothered by the fact that he would just go vacation for a week and not feel an urge or obligation to say, "hi"

  • Don't lie to him. .Don't pretend to be a cool girlfriend who is secure and not jealous, when you're obviously NOT that sort of girl.

    You can't blame him for acting as though you're a secure cool non-jealous type of girl. That's what you led him to believe.

    You can't blame him for treating you that way, and not contacting you because he figured it wasn't important, when you're actually the insecure needy type of girl who needs her man to contact her pretty much constantly and whenever he said he would, or you're going to drown in jealous feelings.

    • It's not about being insecure jealous type, I'm actually OK with having a little space but one thing is insisting on letting me know he got there and then not doing it.

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