My question is just as confusing as it is entertaining. Why can I not get a date?

Some of answer to this I can get on my own. I mean I know my own actions and impulses. What I don't get, is why all of the single women I have met, for some time, are either in a rush to advance a relationship or scared to move beyond a friendship like stage?


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  • Not really sure..I guess you are just not meeting the right women...Looking at your age, I am assuming that you are dating women around your age, in which case most of those single women are now divorced and trying to enjoy what they lost during being married, and having a serious committment is not something they are looking for at the time when you meet them.. on the otherhand unfortunately there are many women whom are older and have not been married, or want to be married again, and because of their age they kinda pounce too early...If a woman wants to stay friends, and doesn't feel comfortable taking it to the next step, then just be her friend..The more you are there for a woman, and show her your devotion to her, even as a friend,some of these women may come around and start to see you more than that...the ones that do not want something serious will again one day. chances are.. and the ones that want a relationship right away proceed with


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  • i think at your age, single women have the clicking clock so are either having to make decisions quickly on whether you are a suitable MARRIAGE partner, or friend.


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