Was he being honest?

This guy I've been talking to here and there for a few months now asked me on a date last Saturday (this would be the first date). Saturday comes, he didn't text me all day and I texted him at like 7pm saying hey and he replied saying sorry because his family had come into town so he was busy and wasn't able to text me to say OUR plans have fallen through, which I think is BS because it takes 2 min to send a text. I don't think he wouldve texted me at all of I hadn't said anything.

i let it slide and we rescheduled to see a movie tonight and he texts me today at 4:30pm saying that he has to work overtime so he can't go to the Movie tonight and asked to reschedule for this weekend if I was free. He has told me time and time again how he does nothing at work and always leaves at 4:30 so I don't know if he's even telling the truth, and to flake that late into the day I think is rude? (He never chose a movie time to begin with)

I replied with "..really. you seem to be the busy one so when you have the free time, shoot me a text then"

He never replied.

Was my response valid? Or am I over reacting


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  • Well it's kinda hard, because I've never met him and can't tell you exactly, but to be honest from what I heard, he is not being 100% honest with you. If I were you, I probably wouldn't date him because a guy that truly cared would go out of his way to make time for you. I suggest giving it one more go, and if that doesn't work, don't bother with him.

    • Okay I will do that thank you

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  • no you are not overreacting, the way he is treating you is BS. and like you said he cancels at the very last minute. I know its hard but id let him simmer and see that you are not accepting his behavior because as long as you allow it he will keep asking you out only to let you down again. show him you are not going to put up with it.

    • Thank you. At first I felt a little bad sending it. But yeah I'm glad you think I'm not overreacting!

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