He cancel fourth date and has yet to rearrange fourth date what to do?

Been on three really good date with this guy he been a star on all dates . but is a very busy in his day to day life I know him little while /briefly before the dates .But I really wish he stop using the sometimes /soon terms .ps he was the one to asks me out on the datesAND always responses to my texts .

We wee supposed to our fourth date last week. He text me at about three that Thursday to say he could not make explain why asked for a rain check . Suggested that we will rearrange soon hope I understood. I said that's okay hopeful we can do that . Spoke with him on Tuesday of this week to which he hoped I was OK said what he been up to and then says hope to catch up at some point . what that about ?

To which I said yes it would be good to catch up with you .that was three days ago no response back


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  • He lost interest unfortunately

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