Texting: If I don't text her will she eventually text me?

From what I read in different forums, if a girl is used to you making contact first on a regular basis, or if you are always the one initiating text conversations, she will never make the effort because she either thinks she is annoying you or it makes her feel special if you text her first.

Im 95% sure this girl is into me, but is a bit shy and slow to open up and let anything slip, so I had been the one doing the contacting first. When I did, we usually had text convos that lasted usually a good few hours. Sometimes she would end them, then sometimes I would, but she never text first.

The strange thing was/is that she sometimes ignored my texts, but then when id leave it a few days and text again, she would answer like normal. I've let it go up until now, but I'm getting a bit tired of it so about 10 days ago, I text her to ask her how she was and no reply so now I've decided to not make any contact until she makes some effort. I'm pretty sure she likes me (her college roommate told me but she said she was a little insecure).

Anyway my question is; if I don't text her, will it make her think about me more and wonder why I'm not texting her? I think I gave her too much attention to begin with.


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  • It will definitely make her wonder. But if she is insecure as her roommate said, than she might just think you aren't interested in her anymore. I would maybe wait a few more days and see what happens. But if you really like her then just text her!


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