What is wrong with these men?

i dated a guy for 2 months---havent seen or talked to him in 3 months-his friend randomly messaged me because 2 of them flew in to visit him-i get tons of texts for the ex (but his friend was texting me using his phone-he said horrible derogative things-about how he wanted to "do" me) clearly my ex was in on it---i sent my ex a message telling him to grow up and asked why would you treat any human being like this-I said I used to really like you before you became a jerk-i asked him-u enjoy letting your friends talk to me like this-u want your friends to share your girls? He read the message and never responded---wtf is his problem and why even do this? especially when its clear he doesn't like me or want anything to do w me-he couldn't even have the decency to apologize.


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  • I'm guessing he's not over the break-up? People deal with reality differently. I know it's hurtful what the friend did but how do you know your ex is in on it? (As in, how did you find out?) Either way, I've only one understanding about instances like this, is that behavior like this only means lack of maturity on the part(ies) involved.

    Chin up. These boys aren't worth your time.

    • well I know he's in on it because they used his phone to text me-but the thing is -is that I've expressed how I used to really like him when he was nice to me---i told him a few times he was bad in bed because he was selfish and at that point being shady-then we tried to be friends-he said he missed spending time w me-then we hooked up and it lasted 5 min -i left and we texted a few times-then he randomly started ignoring me----then now I get these texts from his friends saying they wana gang bang me etc-

    • The more we talk about this dude, the more I'm starting to lose respect for him-and I don't even know him! Sigh. I suggest you either ignore them or get serious and threaten them you'll legit report on them if they don't stop. They're being full-on creeps for doing this to you.

    • the problem is my ex (I only dated him for a few months) is a lawyer so its pointless to do that -i just don't understand why he'd let his friends use his phone to text me that-plus he read my long message but just never responded-like it just makes zero sense