Is it hard dating a guy in college senior year?

I've been with my boyfriend for four months, and he's going to school at the community college before transferring to a state school that's an hour away. Will it be hard to date him even though it's in town? Are there any differences in college vs. HS life that will effect our relationship? What can I expect? Lastly, is it worth risking my senior year?


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  • Me and my girlfriend are going through the same thing. We've only been together for about a month and a bit but we are still going to try to make this whole thing work. I too am going to be an hour away and am fully expecting a rocky road ahead but me and my girlfriend are both in it together and know its not going to be easy. Being an hour away will defiantly affect your relationship but it doesn't mean you can't be together. Relationships are all about communication so just stay in contact and let your feelings be known. Hopefully since he is so close it will be easier for him to come home and visit you and go on little dates here and there and then on vacation (which post secondary gets a lot of) you'll have him all to yourself :). A great great great thing to get into is Skype calling, maybe setup nights where you're both no busy and just video chat on Skype for a bit. It defiantly helps seeing the other persons face even if you can't be right in front of them. What I'm seeing in college is that the class setups are way different, there's days where I only have an hour of class and others where I have no class at all. Of course tho there is a lot higher course load in college so that is also a factor. Expect him to be busy and partying at first and run it all out of his system until he gets everything set strait and gets into a rhythm and then I think things will go a lot more smooth. The beginning will be tough getting adjusted to this new setup for your relationship.

    And for your last part "is it worth risking my senior year". I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that but I'm going to assume you mean partying and hooking up and such. That part is really for you to determine, is your boyfriend worth not being able to hookup with tons of random guys your senior year? personally I don't like hooking up, I love having a connection with someone emotionally and like being able to talk to them the next day about whatever it is I want, then keep doing it :P also there will be TONS of time when you're in college to do all that partying and hooking up etc so don't sweat it, you're not missing out by keeping your boyfriend. If he's worth it to you than that's all that matters. Empty drunk hookups are nothing and seem great but theyre not, they're regrets that you're surly to have. I Hope this advice helps and remember that communication is the most important tool in a relationship :)


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