Do I give him a chance?

Me and this guy lets call Jay grew up together since we were younger , childhood friends ... He's three years older than me I'm 23 and He's 26... And we have always liked each other I can say I love him . We never dated or done anything intimate besides kiss .. He always would say I'm to "good" of a girl for him to date and that he wanted to Experiences dating. Which broke my heart but I got it. But now he wants a relationship with me. He has been telling me how much he loves me for 4months and tries to help me with anything I need and is putting in a big effort, but I'm just having a hard time giving him a chance, because I liked him so much and he now sees he wants me . Do I give him a chance .


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  • Let bygones be bygones. I'm sure he's kicking himself for not asking sooner! Give him a chance!


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