Do you think he'll appreciate what I have been doing?

So I have been I guess seeing this guy, not dating yet for a little while now. The reason we haven't started is his job, for the past month or so he has been out of town lots and has a big presentation to prep for so he has been really stressed. I have told him I am fine with waiting until it's over, we've talked about going on dates and meeting each others friends and family once this is over. However, when he is stressed he gets kind of snappy..but I don't pick a fight I tell him I understand he is stressed and everything. I really like him, but I don't know if he appreciates what I have been doing this last month, or if he ever will. I guess I can only see once his presentation is over and if he shows he appreciates it. I don't know, this past month has really been centered around him, I don't know how much longer I can be "understanding" and it is unfair to me to bring relationship issues at a time like this.


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  • From your question it sounds like he has been so stressed/busy that you can't go on regular dates, and you've been trying to be patient and understanding of that but not getting any positive feedback from him for your efforts. I think it's fair to expect a guy who is truly interested in you to say something nice about you, like how great you are for being by his side and willing to wait while he deals with all this other stuff. Then again, maybe he isn't being completely honest and he has other reasons for putting you off... I always see a red flag when someone claims to be "too busy" in a relationship.