Am I texting a girl that wanted to be called

Make long story short. I met this girl online we started chatting. She ended up give me her number. I texted her later that day, we text for a few hours then I asked her what movies she was into and she didn't respond.

So I waited until the next day and sent get a " hey how's your day going" text and she hasn't respond in 2 days. Kinda weird she gave me her number but won't respond was she looking for me to call her? She's young 21 I'm 26

So what do you know two days later she sent me a text. I responded and told her I would call her later. She said cool, but when I called her two-three hours later she didn't answer lol.


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  • Call her and see what's up? texting 100% of the time is for wimps. lol.


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  • 21 year old girls are strange. She probably did it for an ego boost or found another guy.