How to make a guy you are dating not turn into a FWB

After 2 months of dating we finally had sex. he's been a wonderful guy and the dates have been normal dates and we gone out and had a lot of fun on a weekly basis. he does call or text me daily.

Im not saying friends with benefits it where it headed it doesn't feel like it but now that we are having sex on a regular basis it sort of makes me panic on how some guys think. And what do you do if you don't want sex every time I see him?

need some good advice, thanks!


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  • Though I believe its very bad for both sides to have sex while dating...for many reasons...what's done is done. You can't stop or go back now. Well, you can stop, to see if the guy freaks out. If he freaks out, you know that he's fallen for the sex more than the girl on the inside. See, you've put yourself in a tough spot. You'll always be he staying with me for the sex, or the person that I am.

    If a guy falls in love with YOU (not the sex) first, it won't matter if you make him wait til marriage for sex, or if you stop the sex...he won't leave. You'll also know that the relationship is clearly about you both, not just the sex. You have to keep a guy interested, and chasing you in many different ways. If he ever feels like he doesn't have to try, or chase you anymore...or all his needs and goals have been will be much easier for him to become bored and stray.

    If a guy loses interest in the relationship, but he's getting sex, you're at much higher risk of him becoming an actor, FWB, etc.

    If you choose to continue the has to be on rare occasions. Not every date, or time you see him. I'm talking 2-3 times a month max. You have to give him other reasons to be with you, and stay with you other than sex. He won't like the less sex, but he'll respect that you have a backbone. Many guys get turned on if they have to work for something. Also, the sex will be much more exciting and special if you make it an uncommon activity. Protects you from FWB too. Good luck.

    • thanks that's a great answer and yes I thought about maybe trying not to have sex every time and see what happens/ He's told me he's fine just doing other things to keep us both satisfied.

    • You're welcome. Hope things work out for you.

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  • I think that trust needs to be developed here - easier said than done. However, sometimes it's hard to say how we feel or what we need, because we don't know how the guy is going to react, BUT, you have to out YOU and your emotions FIRST at this stage. If you need/want clarity as to where this is going, you're going to have to talk to him about it, if he likes it or not. Should it be he doesn't want the same things, isn't it better to know sooner rather than later?