Really bad kisser, not sure if I want to keep dating

Ok so me and this guy went to a school dance together and a couple of dates. I really like him, but he is a super bad kisser, like really bad. He just opens and closes his mouth like super fast, like he's trying to suck my face off. Its pretty discussing, it makes me not want to go out with him anymore.Anyway I don't know how to tell him he's an awful kisser. Or should I just break up with him? I don't really feel an attration to him after we kissed.


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  • See this is the reason a lot of young people can't have relationships they don't communicate. If you feel they aren't kissing you the way you like to be kissed tell them what you think they should do to improve and offer to help them get better if they like you they'll be able to take the criticism.

  • just teach him how to hit it right tell him step by step if he gets angry then dump him


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