Boy meets girl, girl likes boy, boy and girl hit it off,boy doesn't text back?

So I met this guy on the weekend we hit it off really well. He came back to mine and we sat up and drank and talked for the rest of the night til 7am. He didn't even go back with his mate when he left, he just said he will taxi it home later. I'm so confused as we really enjoyed each others company amd exchanged numbers and he said to text him to catch up the following night in which I did and have heard nothing back its been one day and still nothing. Can I get some opionions in this matter? Id like to think his a bad texter but I'm afraid that's wishful thinking


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  • I think he might be a bad texter.Maybe give him a ouple of days and see if he texts back. I think it could be a lot of reasons why he didn't text.and since it was the weekend maybe he was busy.But sometimes you will meet guys that just don't text back. I met girls that sometimes don't text back.It happens. Or they may even text you back randomly when you at least suspect it.


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