Is this a good sign or bad sign?

The guy I met off of a dating site called POF closed his account - he's no longer on there. Me and this guy "click" and get along real well plus we have been on 6 dates so far.

Is it a good thing that he closed his account? or has he found smeone else other than me?

(we met like 3 months ago and have been on 6 dates - he's a decent guy an accountant ad 27 years old)

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p.s last time we met he told me he doesn't use the site...was he implying that he likes me?


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  • It says that he doesn't need the site anymore. It's a great sign. Provided he's still talking to you outside of the site. If he's still talking to you outside the site, that says to me that you're the one he's found, and he's starting to take it seriously. Though, I admit this is all speculation. Still, whatever else, until things get bad, and he stops talking to you, assume it's all a very good sign.

    Best of luck.

    • My answer remains the same. He probably was. Even if he wasn't you can still take this as a good thing.

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    • no I don't wanna dump him

    • and your right - can't assume if I don't know for sure

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  • it could mean he's got enough dates, with several girls, yu know..not just you. AFter 6 dates, do you know if he has other girls he sees, as well as you?

    • ive seen him 10 times now and he met my mom as well...he said he isn't ready because of a health problem and he works a lot...but were still in contact...

  • If he is still going out with you and you both enjoy each others company, I would say its good

  • ethier he found someone else or just gaved up.


What Girls Said 2

  • It's definitely a sign that he has found someone, but the question is who?

    If you're still going on dates with him, and still talking to him, then I'd say it's a good sign but if you've stopped talking to him, then... maybe he has found someone else.

  • Well if he continues to see you then it's a good thing. If not then you will have tto wait and see!

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