What separates the men from the boys?

So if a boy meets a girl with a handicap, and he could choose any girl, why would he want to choose to date a girl with a handicap, when there are other *fish in the sea* who are perfectly normal? I know people date and they have an accident and they stick together, but you never hear of the boy who has a crush on the girl who is deaf *thats me* or in a wheelchair or stutters or wears head gear. So I suppose I want to know what I'm working with, what separates the men from the boys?


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  • Unless you're a "deaf" swimsuit model, you're going to have to try and date "men" that will actually try and get to know you and talk to you, and respect you as a person. A "man" will respect you even if he can't or doesn't want to sleep with you, and no matter what head-gear you're sporting. A "boy" will only respect you if he's interested, or if you happen to have the right "head-gear" on so to speak.

    It's actually pretty easy to spot the men from the boys, all you have to do is pay attention to how they interact with OTHER women. (but don't be too discouraged -- deaf women aren't the only people who think that there aren't very many "men" around).


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  • What separates the men from the boys is the maturity level. A real man sees beyond the physical limitation a person has. Boys would focus on the limitation, but a mature man would see beyond that and discover the potential within.

  • If he really can choose among any of the girls, then he is going to choose the one that is the best combination of physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual qualities. That's true for men and boys.

    And you know that it's harder when you have a physical handicap than any of the others because those take time to discover and are often compensated for by sexual activity. It's not only in your head, but I think all you can do is to develop yourself as much as you can and then stress the things that are good about you.

    To me the number one factor in whether I would date a deaf girl is her ability to read lips. If she couldn't then there would be no way since I don't know sign language. Past that I'd assume she is more interesting and developed than the average girl.

  • i would say, men know what they want and have the heart to accept everyone, boys is a bit selfish and under develop in the compassion ways.

    i really dun mind to date a girl with handicap.

    the true handicap is in heart not body.


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  • I go to college with this guy who has been in a wheelchair for years. At first I wondered if he had a girlfriend or if he had trouble getting one. But, overtime I got to know him and it turns out that he has such a great heart and he is one of the nicest guy's I've ever met. And yes, he does have a girlfriend who isn't handicapped. He also has tons of friends. It just goes to show that it's what's on the inside that REALLY matters! And you don't need a boy who will judge you. You need a man who can see you for who you really are.