He suddenly texts...Why has he done this? What is his motive?

Guy I dated ages ago but it never really went anywhere, has suddenly text me a few days ago just randomly asking how I am?

I don't understand why he's done this, since when we did try to date he was really sketchy and non committal, so I cut ties with him. Then out of the blue (he's kept my number for 5 months and I had deleted his) he texts? why? I'm sceptical to talk to him again. What are his motives? Why does he want to talk again? when it didn't really end too well.


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  • Why would we know? This isn't even a sensible question. What are you really seeking?

    • If its not a sensible question don't answer.

    • The same could be said of asking. As fun as petty fights are why did you ask? You know, and knew, that none of us could tell you so what's the real problem? Random speculation isn't something worth seeking.

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