Not ready to kiss a guy or am I?

So I recently just broke up with an ex. In June however I'm not ready to kiss yet, just go on dates. And its gonna be my first first date alone with this guy. And we have a great chemistry. I love it, but I'm not really ready to be with someone and I don't wanna lead him on. I do and don't wanna kiss him. he's been signalling that he wants a kiss. & I have a feeling its gonna happen tomorrow. I would love to kiss him but I don't wanna lead him on to ask to be his girlfriend so quicky. So what should I do ? Dodge his kiss and say...its still early. Or kiss him then say I wanna take this slow?


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  • Second one. But if you're really not ready to be with someone then I wouldn't be going on dates because the implication is that you're interested and want to see where things go.


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