He said he wants to see me, but why won't he?

A guy I know from high school said he wanted to see me and hang out, but has not gotten back to me, even though I tell him when I am off work so we can hang out. We haven't seen each other in over eight years. When we first started chatting over a week ago, he sounded excited to see me again, but now...I have no idea why he isn't responding to my email or text messages, or why he hasn't called me. So what can be going on? Did he change his mind and won't admit it?

I do know that he said he is an introvert, and I told him I am too, but I still want to see him, and I expressed that point to him earlier in a text, but so far, nothing.


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  • family issues? pride issues? cultural issues? I used to know a guy who was crazy about me cause I took care of him emotionally but he would never admit it to anyone. Not even to others or even to me but only to himself.