I need to let him know, he's all I want.

My best friend and ex boyfriend and I have been close since the beginning of our high school friendship. We dated for a year when we were both in grade 9. The reason we broke up was because we spent much too much time together which lead us to argue. The love between the two of us was incredible. After breaking up, we both ended up dating other people for a few months, neither relationship worked out and we both found each other talking and wanting to reunite our friendship. Since then we have become friends again, and more recently, gotten "closer". We were strictly JUST friends for about 6 or so months after we started talking, but for the past two years, we have been having great "fun" together. The way I see it, is that we are happier now than when we were dating, because we never fight anymore. We hug, kiss, everything a normal couple would do together, besides have a label. I've told him I clearly have feelings for him and he feels the same about me but that is as far as that conversation ever went. I'm extremely happy being his girl, but I really need to let him know that I want more than this, after two years I really need him to decide if were going to date, or call this whole "together but not, friends with benefits" type thing off. He isn't using me for sex or anything, he treats me very well, I would just really like to be his girlfriend about now. I want to do this properly, by like... Surprising him? He loves video games and animals, I just want to do something cute and straight forward but not to the point where he feels uncomfortable or anything. Should I make a cake? Should I surprise him with flowers and a candle lit dinner, please help?


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  • The idea of surprising him seems like a good one. I can't suggest what that might be. I think a candle lit dinner is very direct and it could make him uncomfortable. I doubt that baking a cake or giving a simple gift that he would really like would give him more freedom to maneuver if he does guess your feelings for him.


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