Why would a guy you haven't spoken to in months decide to text you?

Out of the blue?

Do a lot of guys do this? And if so why do guys text girls they haven't spoken to in months?

I'm a bit cautious as to why he's texted but don't wanna ask him to make things more awkward he said he just wants to see how I am?


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What Guys Said 1

  • hmm...Depends on the guy. I know I've definitely texted girls before, that I haven't spoken to in years! Not for hook-up, just to see how she's doing, being friendly.

    • I still don't get it, we weren't really close or anything that's what I find odd? He said he wanted to know how I am and then it led on to general chit chat.

      Also he had kept my number and I had deleted his, so it was even more awkward.

    • It doesn't matter how close you were...what matters is that he at least knew you existed. Its fine..don't think of it too much! :p Be friendly, like he is to you.

What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah they do.they send out feelers to different girls in their phone looking to possibly hook up.he probably just got out of a situation and needs another supply of sex.don't take him seriously