First Kiss two days ago, what should I do next?

Ahaha okay, so two days ago I was hanging out with a girl for the second time. I had a lot of fun, and when we hugged good bye, we hugged for a good 15 seconds. We always have really long hugs, but this time we held onto each other, looking into each others' eyes. I was feeling a lot of tension at this time, and she was looking at my lips now so I was like, "sh*t, should I go in?"

Then she kisses me.

And I just stood there like a fool. Yep, I wasn't like ready or anything, so she just went in and kissed me I think 3 times, and I just stood there. In my defence that was my first kiss so yeah ahaha. She left and she texted me, "wat". We texted a little bit more as I walked home and she was pretty embarrassed, but I reassured her that it was fine.

So we're hanging out again tomorrow and I think that I'm going to go in for a kiss and see how she reacts. But you know, I COULD GET SOME SERIOUS HELP ON HOW DO KISS.

Thanks :)

I'm also seeing her again tomorrow. So when I see her, I'm thinking of hugging her, going in for a kiss, and saying "Hey (insert nickname here)." with a goofy smile. Sound good?


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  • Yeah that sound great, also you should just make her feel very comfortable as if it's awkward it will be embarrassing, then just be really touchy feely (hugging, arm round waist, maybe hold hands if it feels right) throughout the day. If you kiss her be really gentle and soft at first then maybe more passionate if you both want to. Good luck:)


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  • I really wanna know what happened when you met ha ha *curious*

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