Am I handling this dating situation the right way?

About a month ago, I met a really great guy on an online dating site. At the time we met, he'd been off work for a couple weeks recovering from a back injury. He finally went back and his boss put him on another shift (moved from nights to days). He hasn't texted much for the past week because he hasn't adjusted to the sleep schedule yet and is too tired to do anything when he gets home. I'm trying to be understanding and mature about the situation of us not being able to meet before I go back to school out-of-state in another week, because I know he has bills, student loans, etc. to pay off and we just met at a bad time.

My mom, who keeps butting into my dating life, keeps saying I'm making excuses for him and am letting him walk all over me. I tell her I understand she just doesn't want me to get hurt, and I appreciate that she cares, but that I'm an adult and it's my business to deal with. It doesn't seem to be enough to get her off my case. How can I get her to leave me alone?


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  • Maybe you need to listen to your mom. We are all adults here, and that's fine. But we still need help. We still need family. You can wait for this guy, but take it from someone who waited before. It doesn't always come.

    You need to prioritize your life a bit more. You have to work really, really hard. There is tough competition out there. Continue you education, and luckily you can have a job that is flexible. (My last job I can relate to this guy, I had to work El Pollo Loco for 11, 8, and 5 hour shifts without notice, without benefits and not being payed overtime, and being mistreated) He must be exhausted, that part I especially understand. But if I was dating a girl last summer while I was working in that abused place, she'd dump me. Not on selfish grounds that I didn't have enough money, but I'm sure any girl knows how to tread this part softly. She would simply say that maybe it won;t work out. Maybe fate's trying to tell us something. I hope fate brings you happiness, and listen for what it will tell you. In the meantime, open up and move forward!


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