1st date on a daytime (before 5 pm) is lame?

I haven't beeen on a dating pool in a looong time. So I subscribed to an online dating and got a message from this cute guy. When I told him I'm only available before 5 on the day he was proposing for our 1st meeting he said it's lame to meet in the daytime . For me as a lady, I would prefer daytime for 1st meeting just to be safe. We're talking about meeting a stranger whom you only met online. He doesn't look like a criminal/rapist on his pics but you'll never know right. Is it really lame? Should I ditch this guy?


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  • First... you should be meeting in public. Then it won't matter if its noon, or midnight.

    Second...he's lame for saying what he did.

    Third...my guess is he's bluffing, and if he really wants to meet you...he will regardless of the time.

    Ignore him until he changes his mind. I wouldn't send a reply at all to what he said.

    He's feeling a little too confident in himself.


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