Should I give up on her ?

Been on 5 dates, tells me when I can kiss her. I planned a date in Oct for a NHL game and she seems excited to go. I asked her today, since she told me she would see me more and tells me I don't have much extra time right now. Maybe in a few weeks. Like really? Should I just stop texting her and see if she texts me? Not sure if this gonna work. I like her a lot, but since her new job is stressing her out, and since she just moved here is too much.

She Asked me why are you so interested in me? She thought I was gonna kiss her at the end of date 5, and I told her why. She said ha ha might have given you a shiner? lol Wtf

Ill I get his cheek kisses for now. Any guys, would put up with this lol? Is it worth the wait. ?


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  • If you really like her then be patient, great things come to those who wait :)

    • I just wanna stop texting her and see if she will text me.

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    • if I don't get a message from a guy for 2 days I'd think he lost interest already. so don't stop texting her as long as she responds :). she definitely likes you if she's messaging you otherwise she won't waste her time you know :)

    • Thats true. She may come up here to my house, if she does I gotta make a move lol.

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