Why has she become distant?

So I met this girl a few months ago and she seemed nice and really liked me and we hit it off right away. Loads of phone calls some good nights out for dinner and car shows etc. but it seemed like she was all over me and said she was so attracted to me and we had a lot of sex. There was a lot of time holding each other after sex and I felt something good about her , she said when I told her my feelings she loved it and made her melt.

She told me that I was making her fall in love with me and that when I touched her tummy did summersaults.

She told me she had been broken before and hurt. And told me she hoped meeting me would turn into something.

She made a comment about it was just sex with us, and I said no its not, she went weird after that.

Then recently she became distant, not making contact with as much. We did go out last week and she was a bit flirty but I ignored it and just was friendly but nice. She talked about doing stuff in the future together and she did make eye contact with me alot, she kept looking into my eyes. That night I told her how I was feeling about her and she got all close to me and held my hand then hugged me and then kissed my cheek.

She does have kids that live at home still.

She recently asked me out for dinner but then cancelled cause she has a very sick female friend that had taken a turn for the worse, so she bailed on me, I did not get upset. But I have not heard from her in 4 days I have called and text but no reply yet.

I did call about her friend that was sick but no response from text or message

I really like her alot.

I don't understand the cold treatment? Does she just want sex with me.? Or a relationship


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  • Easy. Her interest in you has dropped.