Should I warn this guy about my dad?

Here's the thing there is this guy and we have been on and off. we have known each other about 6 months, we met online. Just recently things changed and said he liked me and pretty much dating now. But my parents are super traditional and the fact he hasn't come to meet them yet makes them not respect him. So my dad said tomorrow he is going to email him and ask him to set up a time where he could call and on the call my dad says he is going to tell him he wants to meet man to man. My dad said he didn't want me to give him a heads up that he was going to email him tomorrow but I can't help but think I should? I live at home and he lives on his own. I'm 21 and he is 22. This seems a little over the top for me but its how my parents work and when you are a struggling college student its hard to move out.


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  • How is that over the top? I think your dad is being very reasonable.


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  • Um if you live in their house their rules. But what's so unreasonable about wanting to meet a guy you have been in some way involved with for 6 months? If the guy doesn't want to meet them that should set off red flags.