Ending things after one date, how and bad idea?

i went on one date with this guy from the internet. he was fine. he was nice, we had certain things in common but I just felt zero spark or sexual attraction. he hugged me and I felt nothing. I felt zero desire to stand closer. he just didn't interest or attract me mentally or physically.

some people say give dates a second chance unless they are really bad it wasn't really bad but after a few hours I realized I really don't feel interested and the idea of kissing him turns me off.

so, I guess I should end it then, right? he has been texting me a lot but we don't talk on the phone. so can I just send him a nice text like "hey, I've been thinking and I don't think we are right for each other. it was nice to meet you, but I just want to be honest with you and not lead you on. "

help? I hate these things because I always feel bad dumping people.


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  • After one date? No one's feelings will get hurt after one date! Don't feel bad.

    It's the usual case that meeting someone in 'real life' is far different from Internet chatting. 90% of the time you won't enjoy the face-to-face meeting.

    Maybe because one or both of you has spent too much time on the computer and has neglected developing social skills from interacting with REAL people, and not internet profiles!

    • Uh I have plenty of social skills thank you very much...

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    • yeah he was very shy. my mom got me the online account as a gift haha. but I found him way too shy and un-developed socially. I am much more talkative and chatty and have a sense of humor I need someone more bold.

    • a lot of people don't develop social skills because they only interact online these days. It sounds like he's an example.

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  • The content of the text is good, but have the ovaries to talk to him in person.

  • It's one date. I hated my ex girlfriend just because of how she acted at bars and in public. Then we had a class together and I got to know her and she turned out to be really awesome.

    • ok that's a behavioral thing. this is more like "i can't imagine ever being naked with him and he doesn't interest me much at all."

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    • but I feel dread when he texts me. it's like my entire body is telling me "break it off"

    • Do what you want then.

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  • maybe you set the bar too high, he could just be really nervous, you could try to develop a friendship at least and tell him you would like to see if you could be friends first and nothing romantic, he may turn out to be the one, but you are blinded by what you think it should be, but then again maybe not, a friendship could be a good thing.

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