How can I explain I'm not going to sleep with him?

i was sick a lot until recently and haven't really dated.i want to try online dating, but I'm scared to try it.i feel like I know how to inteact with guys,but I'm not going to sleep with them until I'm on love, how do I bring this up?when do I bring this up?im a very flirty person,especially when I really like someone,so I don't want them to get the wrong do I explain this?


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  • Just talk with them. Say that you are not willing to sleep with them until they prove that they are worthy of you. Sex is not everything. If he just wants to sleep with you then he may not be the right person for you. Also if he asks why not you might want to explain why you cannot, and that I don't know you have some vaginal disease or something ;) kidding that would drive him away say you have herpes if he only wants sex hehe

  • Put it in your profile. It should weed out all the guys just in it for sex. If they read that and lose interest, you're better off.


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