Why would the guy I'm dating/seeing and his mom talk about how many stocks he has...

me, the guy I'm seeing/dating (not in a relationship I don't think) and his mom were all hanging out and my guy started looking at the stock market on his phone and his mom began talking about how many stocks he has and the guy I'm dating says "oh yeahh I should pay more attention" but like why would they mention this in front of me? It seems kind of weird on my end but maybe I am just overreacting or analyzing it too much? I just thought it was weird because people don't usually brag about how much money they have invested in the stock market.


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  • It sounds like his mom is all about gold digging. She sees men by the value of their wallet, financial stability, the provider, etc. So since you are dating the guy, she's making him out to be a good catch, based on what she thinks is important in a man. His money...

    • My mom or any other guys mom would do the same, just based on what they think is great about their own son...

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    • hmm :) thanks for your answer :P

    • No problem

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  • His mom is overly impressed by his stock trading. She's a mom. Maybe she thought you'd be impressed, but my guess is she tells everyone who listens that her son is the next warren buffett because he has a portfolio with the same average return as the index unless he burns it up in commissions, but 30% more volatility thanks to a lack of diversification.

  • Because his mom (and maybe him too) is trying impress you.

  • "... she's just trying to prop him up and make him look good."


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