Im really hurt :( girls help?

Ok I started talking with this girl about one month already she had recently came out a 3 year relationship basically during her high school year her ex cheated on her and everything she's very hurt I can tell. So then we met one day on instagram lol and decided to start talking she talked to me first on fb so we kept the convo going. We decided to meet in person at the movies then we spent like 8 hours at denny just talking and talking we had the blast of our lives. Then after one week she came to my house she told me don't be scared to touch me or kiss me so I did but then she told me I don't do this at all I don't want you to think I'm a whore or anything she felt really comfortable with me she told me and she's a straight up girl her family loves me by the way and wanted me to get with her already. so after like one week or 2 she texted me one day after I left her house to go to work and told me I feel so stupid I need time please understand I still want to talk to you and take it slow I got really upset cause I felt like I was a rebound like she used me in some way but she said lets take it slow cause she really liked me alot. So after time kept going she introduced me to her aunts and her rest of the family slowly day by day. Until one day I couldn't stand it no more I told her look I can't wait it jhurts me not being with you and she got upset cause I kept pushing her away and away. and now I kept texting her and kept being unpatient and kept pushing her still I asked her for a chance and everything its hard you know cause I like her a lot its been one full day already she hasn't text me and I know she still likes me she just needs space and time I understand 3 years is long. What should I do guys she still likes me she told me but she also told me not to wait for her have fun and maybe one day will give it a go again. I don't want to lose her guys I tried everything to get her back My friend told me don't text her for 2-3 weeks straight her birthday is setember 15 by the way so if she doesn't text me by then she never really did like me did she? by the way me and her had sex during the one weekk we were talking so I don't know I just felt like I was used. what should I do guys I pushed her away do I just do my own thing and if she texts me within 2 weeks then its a good sign? she's just having fun now I saw some pictures of her and her sister at the beach she looks really excited and it looks like she doesn't care... :/

mind you its only been 2-3 months since her 3 year breakup*
my friend told me not to talk to her for 2-3 weeks to make your self important don't chase should I do it? if she doesn't text me within 2-3 weeks she never liked me right?
It looks like she doing her own thing and having fun she doesn't seem like she's sad or down and doesn't look like she wants anything from me anymore what should I do guys ? :/


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  • Once, I acted like her. She dated for 3 years and her ex cheated on her. That's just horrible. I suppose that because of that she hasn't been the same girl. Perhaps she's afraid of being in a relationship, she's afraid of rejection because she was really hurted. I think she's very confused about what she really wants and that's normal. You should give her space and time. Don't text her like crazy, that's just worse, you're putting too much pressure. Maybe she needs to be alone, then perhaps she'll figure out that she misses you. Don't worry too much.

    • yeah I kept texting her a billion times and blowing up her phone cause you know I like her a lot and didn't want to lose her but now she won't text me or talk to me ever again so the best thing I did was delete her from stuff and Facebook and hopefully one day she will text me back. I kept pushing and pushing her away :/

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    • its been 3 full days already she hasn't contacted her and now I kinda regret deleting her from Facebook but lets hope she does text me back or talk to me ever again :/

    • was it a bad idea to delete her from Facebook ? even ho it looks like she didn't care?

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  • Move on life doesn't have an expiration date as food, so move on live life don't stop it


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  • yes she liked you but a 3 year relationship requires more than a few months to recover from. yes you were probably a rebound but she probably was unaware that she was rebounding.

    this isn't an issue of male or female but of human behavior. people simply do not get over 3 year relationships in a matter of a few months. it just doesn't happen.

    when a person says they need time and want to take things slow, particularly those coming out of relationships, you will rarely win if you press them to speed of their process.

    • so what do you think I should do then? She still likes me I know for a fact but just needs time? Should I not text her or call her for a while 2-3 weeks see if she texts me first?

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    • yeah after I told her the long story how I've been 10% with you and then I told her that's I'm done she got mad I can tell and then she was like okay if that's what you want fine goodbye. Then I posted a picture on instagram of me she liked it and then texted me one hour later changing the subject after I just told her I was done you won't hear from me or see me again. she said she was itchy from the beach and then called me while she was in the shower? texted all night?

    • 100% *

  • no I think you should go to her and apologize and ask her out in about a week or so

  • You have allowed yourself to be really hurt. It's no one elses fault but yours. You were her rebound guy. She was sad and depressed. She needed sex so she could feel better. You were the first guy to come by, and show interest. Sex is a huge stress reliever. Yes, she used you. She took advantage of your body. You should be happy you got some sex for your troubles. You've given her all the power now. You have to end all contact forever. Completely forget she ever existed. If you have a chance,or she wants more sex...she WILL contact you.

    Anytime you have sex with a girl early in the relationship...its usually because she needs it, or she's taking you for a test drive. This is why its so important that when you have sex for the first must give her sex like she has never had in her life. Mind blowing...long..passionate sex, that involves her having many orgasms. If you did that...i promise she will be back. If you did not...its likely you just got used, and or wasn't mind blowing in bed.

    • @ update.You should do what I recommended.

    • well I told her I'm done I was so pissed today and I told her you know what I've been there before I know your hurt and that's it you used me as a rebound whether you like it or not I've always been 100% since day one with you I like you a lot this is it I'm done with you and she got pissed and told me if that's what I wanted then goodbye and I told her goodbye and then she texted me one hour later and kept liking my photos on fb ? Is that a sign?

    • If you had ANY chance before, you're screwed now. You letting her know that you're mad...just made you look bad. Lowered her interest in you. Liking photos is not a sign.