What has your online dating experience been like?

For those that apply...If its been terrible say so but please I'm not your therapist.

Mine was an experiment. But I actually made a friend out of it and we go out to lunch sometimes! He's really cool actually and ginger so that's a plus.

But on the other side, I found that for me, the guys were very pushy and unsettling. Nothing was blatantly strange about most of them but they're was just something a bit queer to them.

For instance they'd say hello so I would reciprocate, they'd ask me what I'm studying and I'd answer. Then they'd answer something like "cute ;)" and the desperation could be felt miles away. Then they'd be pushy and ask what my number was when I was obviously not into them. They wanted to hang out etc ect. They'd try to woo me by stating that they also liked Star Wars and thought that was cool but it seemed really forced. I think just communication skills were lacking in many of these poor guys

So over all it was odd, but interesting as well!

How about your experience?


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  • A tease, and a disappointment overall. What confidence I once had, is almost gone now. For me, its been a roller coaster ride of highs and lows that change week to week. Self induced torture. Many girls just want to email forever. Then I ask them to meet for coffee..which they say they'd love too. But they would never agree on a day or time. Then you have the girls who openly offer their number after 3-4 emails. We text back and forth for a day or 2. I ask about meeting, or try calling them..and they ignore me, or make some excuse why they don't want to meet or talk anymore. It's exhausting .

    • I couldn't let the status of a website daunt your confidence, mate. I think at least for me, there has to be a real attraction to actually meet. With my friend I made I just thought he looked like someone I wanted to hang out with. But with many they were trying to make themselves be that way. If you aren't sensing a vibe don't try to make one is my round about advice

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    • :)

    • They were probably afraid or married. Some wonder if you are who you are. What if you turn out to be a stalker? Others just want an emotional attachment. Some want an emotional attachment because whomever they are with isn't fulfilling that.

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  • Fist off I love your work I am an artist myself and I feel what you are expressing that takes talent... vey deep.. I so relate to the meditation chaos too funny... I accidently hit your name so don't think I was creep'n but your work caught my eye... OK enough about you lol...

    Answer: GOOD overall ( a learning process )

    I haven't been online for over a year now but had 4 years of constant dating online. I met some wonderful women on them three I really fell for. My issue is I seem to been matched up with women from long distance.. We tried making it work and had amazing longish relationships. But besides the long distance they also finally got to the point of admitting they love me then surprisingly disappear.. That blew my mind more than anything... Shocking...

    So there is hope but so many things have to be thought through before committing just to date. You can read a lot through communication. Just really think things through. Read what they say because if it is something that isn't such a big deal at first, It may decide your fate down the line (like long distance, and their attachments to their or your place of living) and even schooling, kids ect...

    I wanted a relationship someone that had everything I want so I never would have to look again . To find the ONE ! Every woman I talked to and met for dates all loved that about me even though that was not their plan... 95% of the women I met JUST WANTED SEX ! with no attachment...

    My heart is just too big to accept that, but of course I did oblige lol...

    So just be aware... be yourself and stick to your goals...

    • haha well I only went on one date from online dating, but although I had no issues in particular, I prefer to meet men face to face. My boyfriend actually simply came up to me on campus and asked for my number! Also, thanks for your compliments, I really enjoy both meditation and drawing! they are great outlets for a person.

    • I also prefer the face to face. It seems people are getting further away from that...

      Meditation has cleared my mind to inspire some of my great works lol...

  • Can't say I've ever tried it, the concept of online dating just always seemed awkward to me. But I'm weird as hell so, everything is awkward.

    • I'm werd too, I'm just comfortable with it. Oddity means nothing. Most people are a little quirky. I wouldn't recommend dating sites though. I did it as an experiment and the results were...strange

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    • I try to keep an open mind, if the person is willing to talk about the subject they are passionate about, I'm willing to listen. It's just that most people I run into these days just like to small talk and that's it.

    • Well I don't know, I'm a deep conversationalist and I've found everyone can be if you crack their shell. Ultimately just be a friend to everyone and be patient!

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