Why hasn't he messaged me?

Met a guy off a dating site/app thingy. Turns out he is going into the same program as me at uni and since I am new he offered to show me around/said he would like to hang out sometime. (Iadded him to fb/gave him my number) I said I was gone for 2 weeks until September and he said "sounds good to me just let me know when your bak"

He hasn't message me yet...

since I'm not bak until sept is he waiting for me to contact him since he told me 2 let him know what I am bak?


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  • Well he did say let him know when you're back, maybes he's waiting because he doesn't want to bother you while you're away. Try letting him know when you're back and take it from there.

    • Ty! Messaged him and we have plans to hang out, turns out he was waiting for me to message him when I got back

    • You're welcome! Goodluck

What Girls Said 1

  • He may have not been as interested as you thought