How to find out why someone stopped talking to me?

I met this guy on Okcupid and we talked for two weeks. We had a Skype date last Thursday and talked around an hour and a half. Everything seemed to be going great, he even suggested we Skype again. I'm confused because this week he has hardly talked to me. I could understand flaking out but it's weird since we both seemed to have a connection with each other. Should I ask him why he has suddenly decided to not talk to me anymore or leave it alone? Dating is so confusing...


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  • If you met this guy on OKCupid and you have not gone out or defined your relationship, it is highly possible that he is also talking to other girls on the site. As a girl, I'm sure you know what it can be like on a dating site - having multiple guys message you at once. Sometimes, they are all undesirable and sometimes, a bunch of really awesome ones message. Instead of putting all their eggs in one basket, some people may decide to reply to a few of the people they find attractive and chat or hang out with them to see which they have the most chemistry with. I hate to say it but it is possible that he clicked with someone else better. Not saying that's what happened but it's how some people operate. It could be something else entirely, though. Also, he may just be really busy, and since you are not in a relationship, he doesn't owe you anything, so he might be attending to more pressing matters in his life.


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  • you never ask unless you have a real relationship. unfortunately people online are often very flaky.

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