Would you date a girl who got a nose job?

I like everything about my face except my nose... I tried meeting guys online, and they would talk to me once, see me in person and never speak to me again. This happened so many times... I thought if I got a noise job, I'd be more attractive to men... I know it's fake and not natural beauty... but I think I have a really ugly noise. Europeans usually have really nice noses... and I don't know how I can compete with those girls... if my nose is flat.


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  • I thought you might have those long noses, but honestly what ever makes you happy..

    I have seen a girl who had one of a long nose, and after her surgery she looked gorgeous.

    That totally transformed her life for the best..

    Im not one to advocate surgery but at times if it will do the trick then so be it..

  • Flat isn't usually much of a problem. I just hate girls with really big noses. I would go out with a girl who has had a nose job but I would prefer without the nose job...


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