What are the chances we could work out?

I have had feeling for this guy for 3-4yrs. He just got back from his deployment in the army last week. I wasn't very close with him before his deployment but for some reason I just kept in contact with him by sending letters and talking on fb. He is actually my brother's friend so I've known him all my life. He is actually 6yrs older than me but I don't try and think about that haha. Anyways he got a new phone once he got back and he sent me a text saying that he changed his number. I'm not sure how he got my number but I just assumed he sent that text to everyone. Well I found that he didn't even send it to my brother. But I have been texting him every day all day. I was suppose to see him this weekend but he doesn't get back till the day after I leave. But he said he really wants to see me sometime so we can have some time to hang out. Is there a chance this could all work out or am I just over thinking it?


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  • There will never be the chance if you have an attitude like that, think positive! Take it step by step and day by day. Keep a positive attitude though and don't curse the relationship before it even starts.