Does he want a baby?

i am dating a man who is 42. He had 3 long term relationships prior.

we have only known ea. other for about 2 months. he loves touching my belly and tells me. I figured he just wanted sex and use that as an excuse to touch me.

we finally had sex. after that I had a little chat about what ifs...

he said if I get pregnant, what should we name the baby

that kinda threw me off since we seem to only be casually dating once a week.


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  • Sit down and have a chat with you guys obviously know what is best. Only he can tell you what's on his mind. You said he's 42 that's an age most men want to settle down and have kids.

    • yes..thats what we did. once we have sex...these are the mature things to discuss. and I am not sure if he was just joking when said, what should we name the baby...

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    • Tks. Sweet of u.

    • hey, I saw him Friday and spoke about the baby thing...he was saying how its hard for our age to get pregnant. but he did not agree or object the idea if I become pregnant. I would think if one (esp. guys) who doesn't want a kid...he would say so.

      the last guy I dated he told me he would not want a kid.

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  • A lot of guys who hit that age are looking to start a family..and may not necessarily want to set up household with anyone. They just want to be a father.

    But probably, an absent, be careful!

  • 2 months and he wants a kid? I hope he is f*cking joking.

    • me too.

      but from what I gather seem like it.

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  • What?! Any guy that talks about knocking you up and baby names after only knowing you 2 months is a f***in weirdo!